We have worked with Kyle for almost ten years now. He has completely transformed our two-hundred-year-old house, maintaining its antique charm yet keeping it up to date. Kyle pays attention to detail and executes flawlessly. No job is too large or too small. Kyle is unusual in that he is both creative and professional. - Client

Not only is Kyle extremely talented, professional, organized and dedicated, but he is also the most honest individual whom I know. That is a rare quality in today’s society. - Client

Kyle, an extremely talented and highly professional designer, and I have worked together for more than ten years. He has designed almost every room in my Greenwich Village townhouse as well as in my summer home in The Hamptons. He is perceptive about his clients’ tastes, needs, and budgets. His designs are not just pretty; they are comfortable and useable.

Kyle is more than just an interior designer. He did a spectacular job as my owner’s representative when I was building an addition to my Hamptons home, working with the builder, overseeing a construction budget and change orders, and liaising with the architect. He also served as my project manager for a difficult exterior construction project at my NYC home, where he oversaw expeditors (to deal with the DoB), engineers, and contractors. Most of all Kyle is a lovely person and a pleasure to work with. - Client

Kyle and I have built two magnificent homes together, one in Westchester and one in The Hamptons. Not only is Kyle a master of color and design, but he also is a skilled owner’s representative. Most important, Kyle is honest and a pleasure to work with. - Client

Kyle designed our Cape Cod home, and we absolutely love everything about it. He came onto the scene after much of the architect’s plans and elevations had been completed. In very short order, he came up with suggestions to better enjoy the views as well as to improve the spatial flow of the house, reflecting how we actually live. He also was a great advocate for us during the building process. Kyle has a great eye for detail, and his approach to design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also brilliant in the planning and execution." - Client


Eric Striffler

The number of decisions and opportunities that arise during construction would have overwhelmed me, but Kyle handled all of them, making it easy for me to make decisions. He was on top of every detail. When the architect asks you, “What do you want here,” how do you know what you want? I may have had some ideas, but really I didn’t have the knowledge base to make the right choices for my family. Enter Kyle, who knows how to do things right. He presented me with options, and I was able to make some really beautiful choices, ones that I now enjoy living with.

One of Kyle’s many forms of genius is capturing and optimizing opportunities in spaces, both on paper and on the job site. His understanding of where rooms, doors, closets, windows, halls, outlets should go to improve spatial flow, combined with the concurrent development of a furniture plan (after three projects, we have never wound up with a room that is the wrong size for the furniture) creates a flawless outcome with no trauma or headache for the owners. I have heard stories of gorgeous drawings that leave no room for a bedside table, of grand homes with tiny front doors, dining rooms too small to entertain eight people: Such unfortunate people should have hired Kyle right from the start. He is as practical as he is elegant. I would tell most people to be careful not to get too stressed out about an upcoming project... but if you are working with Kyle, I will say: Enjoy. - Client

I was Kyle's first client, over ten years ago and five houses since—from the Lanes of Amagansett to the North Shore of Chicago. Today I thank Kyle every time I look at the armoire that "makes" our master bedroom (an antique he discovered several hundred miles away and convinced me to buy sight unseen) or every time I put my overnight bag on the primitive bench in the bedroom at the beach. Kyle knows how people live in rooms and combines the practical with the pleasing-to-the-eye. His designs are fun, flexible, and offer a sophisticated yet never intimidating, fabulous sense of color. - Client

There are few designers who could manage the diverse and creative personalities who were affiliated with the 2008 Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Idea House as Kyle did, with such grace and poise. - Ellen Hanson, Ellen Hanson Designs

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Kyle Timothy Blood as a top professional in the fields of interior design and architectural construction management. I worked with Kyle on a large show-house project and experienced first-hand his remarkable ability to interface with and manage numerous trades people and designers under extremely challenging circumstances. He is a problem-solver, able to think on his feet. He is able to work in and appreciate a variety of styles. He brings talent, experience, and superior organizational skills to a project. Most of all, Kyle makes it an enjoyable experience. I would entrust him with any of my projects! - Erica Millar, Designer

I have worked with many “high-end” designers throughout the years and have found that working with Kyle has been a remarkable experience. His creativity is amazing, and it is projected on all projects. He uses up-to-date concepts, provides good, solid advice for his clients, and carries the projects to a perfect conclusion. I think his most admirable trait is that he works well with clients: His ability to listen as well as to explain technical aspects not only gives clients the assurance that their input will be incorporated into the design but also helps them understand why and how his projects will proceed and succeed." - Jerry Solinski, Euro Custom Woodworking

Having had a very positive experience working with Kyle Timothy Blood on the construction of a 6,000 sq. ft. private residence, my wife and I asked him to help us find two items for our own home. He was able to successfully come into a highly designed home and quickly and efficiently pinpoint both an area rug and a chandelier (for which we had been searching for four years) in a matter of days. His ability to recognize our style and add to it, thereby enhancing the existing aesthetic, was wonderful. Kyle is simply great to work with. - Peter Polhemus, AIA, President of Polhemus Savery DaSilva, Inc.

I must say that the interior decoration and design of this home is one of the most elegant that I've seen on Cape Cod. - Clara C. Batchelor, Principal and Founder, CBA Landscape Architects, LLC.